Do you Need a Hawk Racing Bottom Bracket Upgrade?

Do you Need a Hawk Racing Bottom Bracket Upgrade?

    Are Hawk Racing Bottom Brackets as Good as They Say?

    We get the same question all the time, do I need a bottom bracket upgrade?

    The short and simple answer is, YES!

    But, a lot of stuff goes into a Hawk Racing BB to help make it one of the highest quality stainless steal bottom brackets on the market. If you upgrade your stock BB to a Hawk BB today, you’ll experience significant friction loss, higher quality, and a lower cost all thanks to our patented Folmer Technology.

    Friction Loss

    This is the #1 reason you need a Hawk Racing bottom bracket upgrade!!

    When your cycling, no matter the category, friction is your biggest enemy. Anything you do to reduce friction on your bike is going to give you an edge on the competition. Which is why you should equip your bike with a Stainless Steal Hawk Racing Bottom Bracket today!

    There was an independent study conducted by a company called friction facts that compared the friction loss of different bottom brackets across the market.

    When it came to stainless steal BBs Hawk Racing came out on top with a friction loss of 0.32 watts. Hawk’s stainless steal bearing were beat out by 3 other companies with Ceramic BBs.

    And the best part?

    There was only a .03 difference in watts lost between the best ceramic bearing and a Hawk Racing Stainless Steal Bearing.

    Don’t believe us?

    We posted the all the results of the Friction Facts study, that way you can check it out and make a decision for yourself.

    Higher Quality for Lower Cost

    If the friction loss study wasn’t enough to prove the quality of our bottom brackets then check out the video below. You’d be hard pressed to find a BB that spins as smoothly and for as long as a Hawk BB.

    Remember earlier when the friction study proved that Hawk Racing Stainless BBs are just as good as their ceramic counter parts?

    Well those ceramic bearings can sometimes cost upwards of $250. We just want to make sure you never spend that much on brittle ceramic bearings again.

    Folmer Technology

    Our patented Folmer Technology is Hawk Racing’s secret ingredient. We can’t tell you much about it without giving away our trade secrets.

    But we will say this…

    Sven Folmer, the founder of Hawk Racing, was an expert in aviation and used his knowledge of this subject to help create the #1 stainless steal bottom bracket on the market.

    Just another reason you need a Hawk bottom bracket upgrade.

    Where Can I Get a Hawk Racing Bottom Bracket?

    So, you like what you’ve heard so far and want to equip your bike with our components?

    That means its time for you to check with your local bike shop to see if they stock our products, and get them to stock them if they don’t.

    If your local shop refuses to stock our components then you can always visit our site to see all the Hawk Racing Bottom Brackets we have for sale.

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