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Hawk Racing News

Ceramic Bearings: Pros and Cons

The Pros and Cons of Ceramic Bearings What is a Ceramic Bearing? While regular bearings are made from stainless steel, ceramic bearings are made from ceramic silicon nitride (Si2N4). Rolling resistance is the key trump card promoted by ceramic bearing fans. Because ceramic bearings are rounder with a smoother surface and more uniform size, friction […]

BB90 Madone-SRAM-FSS+CXseal-0

What is the Difference Between Standard, FSS, and FSS+CX Seal Hawk Racing Bearings?

Everything You Need to Know About the Different Types of Hawk Racing Bearings! With all the FSS and CX Seals it can sometimes be a little difficult to decide which Hawk Racing bearing you want in your bottom bracket. But not anymore… This article is here to tell you all about the 3 different types […]

Hawk Racing Makes Some of the Highest Quality Bottom Brackets

Are Hawk Racing Bottom Brackets as Good as They Say? We get the same question all the time, are your BB’s really going to improve my ride? The short and simple answer is, YES! But, a lot of stuff goes into a Hawk Racing BB to help make it one of the highest quality stainless […]