Become a Dealer

Become a dealer with Hawk Racing and join our world-wide network of authorized dealers. Hawk Racing is a leading manufacturer of gold medal and award-winning bottom brackets, derailleur pulleys, and wheel sets.

Nearly all of our products are assembled in our Fort Wayne, Indiana facility, with all of our wheels built by local bike shops to support the local cycling community. As a family owned business, we know how important product support and quality control are to you and your customers.

As an authorized dealer, you can offer your clients a unique product at a reasonable price, all while keeping competitive margins. This allows you to make a profitable income while keeping business in the United States.

Signing up as a dealer is simple and only takes a few minutes. No secure information is required to sign up. Simply use our online sign up form to begin enjoying some of the benefits we have to offer.

Once you complete the form below, we will be in touch when your dealer account is active.

Dealer benefits include:

  • Online or telephone ordering that fits your shop’s schedule.
  • Access to the dealer resource and training portal.
  • A listing in our dealer locator.
  • Tiered dealer pricing.
  • Employee Purchase Program.
  • Be named as an authorized dealer on our Facebook page.
  • …and many more perks!
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