Become A Dealer

Become a dealer with Hawk Racing and join our growing network of authorized dealers in the United States. Hawk Racing is a leading manufacturer of gold medal and award winning bottom brackets.

We assemble all our wheels in-house; and as a family owned business, we know how important product support and quality control is from your supplier.

As an authorized dealer, you can offer your clients a unique product while keeping the MSRP low. This allows you to make a profitable income while keeping business in the United States.

Signing up as a dealer is simple and only takes a few minutes. No secure information is required to sign up. Simply use our online sign up form to begin enjoying some of the benefits we have to offer.

  • Access to our dealer Intranet. Place your orders through our online system for fast and convenient experience.
  • A listing in our dealer locator.
  • Access to our Dealer Discount Programs.
  • Be named as an authorized dealer on our Facebook page.
  • …and many more perks!