How to Make Your Bike Like New for Spring: Tune Up Time

Bike Tune Up Service
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It's time for a bike tune up again.

Spring is around the corner, indoor winter training is coming to an end, and the time is coming to once again hit the roads and trails.  While we are all itching to get back to the outdoors, we also want that transition to be enjoyable.  Nothing kills the joy of a ride quite like a bike that isn’t functioning correctly.  That means it’s time to give your bike the attention it deserves with a bike tune up.

Benefits of a Tune up

A bike tune up truly does make your bike feel like new.  When done correctly and thoroughly by your local bike shop, it can fix many issues, prevent many others, and make your bike run more smoothly and efficiently.


Nothing on your bike takes a beating quite like your drivetrain.  Every pedal stroke adds a bit of wear and tear on it.  Without the regular maintenance of yearly tune ups, this wear and tear adds up to potentially cause serious problems with your bike.  A tune up will help you prevent this by inspecting and, if necessary, replacing your chain, cassette, and chainrings.

Bicycle Gears

Cleaning and lubrication

Even with regular washing, your bike collects all kinds of grime.  Many parts of a bike contain grease and other lubricants, and these pick up dirt and grime as you ride that doesn’t wash off.  So, your local shop can get these areas cleaned an re-lubricated to make sure they are running efficiently and you are getting the most out of your bike.


When we the last time you hit a pothole, bump in the road, tree root, or rock?  How many times has that happened since your wheels were last trued?  It may not be as noticeable as many other issues with your bike, but wheels that are out of true can lead to many problems down the road.  With a bike tune up, your mechanic will inspect your wheels and adjust them to get them back in true so that your are moving down the road or trail safely.

Headsets and Bottom Brackets

Because they are under constant strain and abuse, bearings wear out over time.  How long this takes depends on a number of factors including riding conditions, the type of bearings, and the quality of those bearings.  However, even the best bearings will eventually wear out.  If you are using ceramic bearings, this service will likely need to be done more often than a yearly tune up.  With Hawk Racing bearings, riders often go several years without their bottom bracket needing replaced.  You mechanic will be able to tell you whether this service needs done or not after inspecting you bike.

If it is time to replace your bottom bracket or you’re looking for better performance for you bike, ask your mechanic to put a Hawk Racing bottom bracket on the bike.  They can easily get it directly from us, or you can purchase it yourself here and your mechanic can install it for you.

Derailleurs and Brakes

A lot can change in a year, and that relates to your bike as well.  Cables stretch, derailleurs get knocked out of alignment, and brake pads can wear.  All of these things are easily fixed with a bike tune up.  Your mechanic will take the time to adjust your shifting to make sure that it is precise.  They will also inspect, test, and adjust your brakes to make sure that your ride is safe and efficient.  All of this can make a huge impact on your ride.

Safety Checks

Perhaps the most important aspect of a bike tune up is to make sure that your bike is safe for the season ahead.  Bicycling brings with it plenty of inherent dangers.  The last thing you want to do is needlessly add new dangers from an unsafe, poorly maintained bike.  During a tune up, your mechanic with thoroughly inspect your bike to make sure that it is safe and secure for your season.  They will also take your bike for a ride and make sure that they can’t find any of the hidden issues that don’t show up until the bike is moving.  All in all, they prepare you to have a fantastic season.

Don’t have a favorite shop?  Use our dealer locator to find one of our fantastic Hawk Racing dealers near you to get you ready for a fantastic season to come with a bike tune up.

Find Your Local Dealer Today

Looking for your new favorite local bike shop? Find your local Hawk Racing dealer today and schedule your yearly bike tune up.

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