Warm Weather Cycling Tips

Warm Weather Cycling Tips

    Do you live in a climate where it can get pretty hot in the summer? We all have a perfect temperature that we like to ride in, and it differs from person to person. However, if the heat is extreme, we should all either avoid the weather, or be careful when we do decide to exercise in the higher temperatures.

    Note that most people should avoid extreme heat, no matter if you stay hydrated and protect your skin from the sun or not. The heat takes a toll on our bodies, even when we don’t think it is. Here’s some tips that will help you stay safe during your warmer weather rides:

    Wear the Right Clothing

    It’s a good idea to be mindful about what you wear when cycling in the summer. What feels comfortable while you are getting dressed inside of your air-conditioned house may end up being too hot to wear when you’re in the middle of a long ride. It’s always best to opt for light-weight clothing that is made from special wicking material to help keep the body cool and comfortable. If your hands sweat a lot, you can use finger-less mitts instead of traditional cycling gloves. They will make it easier for you to grip hot handlebars.

    Stay Hydrated

    You are probably used to drinking a lot of fluids when you are cycling, but you will need to increase the amount that you normally drink once it starts to heat up outside. Your body will try to cool down by sweating more. This will cause you to dehydrate a lot quicker than what you’re used to. This is why you need to make sure that you are able to stay hydrated.

    Have plenty of drinks on hand that are easily accessible. You can get a couple of water bottles that can be attached to your bike. Just make sure you put them in a place where you can easily reach them. You should be taking sips of water throughout your ride, and you shouldn’t wait until you get thirsty to remember to take a drink.

    Wear Sunscreen

    You don’t want to be caught out in the heat without adequate skin protection. Don’t head out for your cycling ride without first lathering up with sunscreen. Use one that will withstand sweat and doesn’t need to be reapplied for several hours. Thoroughly cover all areas of your body that will be exposed to the sun including those sensitive areas like your ears and neck.

    Ride When It’s Cooler Out

    There are some temperatures that you really should avoid. Anything over 90 Degrees Fahrenheit, for example, is dangerous to exercise in. If the heat is just too unbearable for you to deal with, you may need to ride in the morning or evening. It will be a lot cooler during these times, and you can also enjoy quieter roads and trails as there will be less people out. If you will be riding before the sun rises or sets, it’s a good idea to wear reflective gear so that others will be able to spot you fairly easily.

    Cycling in the summer heat can be strenuous on the body. However, there are plenty of things that you can do in order to still make it an enjoyable ride. By utilizing all of the tips we mentioned, you can ensure that you are still able to have an enjoyable time no matter how hot it is outside.

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