Spartan Alloy Cyclocross Bike Wheels


Spartan Alloy Cyclocross Bike Wheels

A brand new revolution in cyclocross wheels.  Built to be lightweight and durable to handle even the toughest cyclocross races.

Pay in full to pre-order, or call 941.209.1790 for more payment options.


Additional information

Weight8 lbs
Dimensions26 × 25 × 11 in

Set, Front, Rear

Axle Type

Quick Release (QR), ThruAxle (TA)

Spoke Type

Sapim CX-Race, Sapim Leader

Spartan Alloy Cyclocross Bike Wheels

The ancient Spartans were some of the toughest warriors on the face of the earth. Just like these incredible warriors, Hawk Racing Spartan cyclocross wheels are built from the ground up for the toughest demands a cyclocross race can throw at them. All Hawk Racing cyclocross wheels are hand built right here in the United States, and are available in quick release or thruaxle configurations. In addition to being the toughest cyclocross wheels around, this wheel weighs in at only 740g, making it light enough to give you the competitive edge you need.

Built to handle anything

Bring the same ferocity with which the ancient Spartans fought to your next cyclocross race. Just like the Spartan warriors of old, these wheels are built to handle anything. All Spartan cyclocross wheels feature rims specifically shaped to handle the impacts and abuse placed on them by a cyclocross race while remaining incredibly lightweight. Cyclocross races are not gentle, so these rims are designed to take a beating and still keep you right at the top.

Our newest generation of cyclocross hubs use the same bearing technology that has made our bottom brackets an industry standard, enclosed in a hub body that is designed to handle the stresses of an ever-changing cyclocross coarse. The rims and hubs are laced together with your choice of Sapim Race or Leader spokes in a 28/28 2-Cross pattern for added strength.

Pay in full to pre-order, or call 941.209.1790 for more payment options.

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