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10sp to 11sp Upgrade kit for SL11/SF12-0

10sp to 11sp Upgrade kit for SL11/SF12

This upgrade kit will come with everything you need to change the SL11 or the SF12 rear hub from 10 speed Shimano to 11 speed Shimano. The kit includes a new 11 speed free hub body with Folmer Technology bearings, a spacer, seal and end caps to upgrade the rear hub to the new 11 speed Shimano group set.

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SL11 10sp FreeHub Body Kit-0

SL11 10sp FreeHub Body Kit

If you ride the straight-pull SL11 16/20 hole hubs from Hawk Racing and need a new Shimano/SRAM 10 speed free hub body, this will be the correct product for your wheels.

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