Tour de France – 2020

Upon cancellation and postponement of major sporting events around the world, namely the Giro d’Italia, Olympic games, and Euro 2020 soccer tournament, pessimists are skeptical if the Tour de France will happen. However, the French minister has not postponed it yet and highlights the television rights funding as a positive sign. 

Set from June 27 to July 19, 2020, the race is more economically feasible with no reliance on ticket sales and set on open roads versus an enclosed arena, both are favorable elements to host such an event in these coronavirus-stricken times. French officials and race organizers are ensuring they are taking all measures possible that it takes place. They have proposed a “plan B” if matters remain the same with a “behind closed doors” format; there would be no roadside audience, advertising, opening or closing ceremonies.

 Groupama-FDJ boss Marc Madiot, in charge of a French cycling team, views the 2020 Tour de France as a symbol of “a new period after the crisis”. He also notes that “for the economy of pro cycling and for the psychological wellbeing of the French people, it would be good to get back to the normal life of the country in July.”


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