What to Pack on Your Rides

What to Pack on Your Rides

    A cycling kit, or clothing, is not only comfortable to wear but functional. The primary role of a cycling kit is to help you achieve a comfortable experience when riding your bike on the road. If you’re a cycling enthusiast, it would be best to understand the best clothing and kit to keep you comfortable when hitting the road with your bike. If you’re planning to ride your bike frequently, you need several essential items for safety and comfort.

    You can purchase most essential cycling tools and accessories via online retailers or your local-based bike shop. So, if you’re planning to go on a road trip with your bike, what items should you put in your cycling kit?

    Tips on How to Pack

    You can put a variety of items and accessories in your cycling clothing to make your riding experience a comfortable and seamless process. A cycling jersey can have four, five, or even six pockets. But the most popular cycling jersey among most bike rider enthusiasts is one with four pockets. So, what items can be properly accommodated in each pocket of your cycling kit?

    Food and Medication

    If you want to embark on a long ride, the right hip pocket is the best place to pack your nutritional products. That’s the pocket you require putting your bars, gels, or ride food items.

    If you’re on medication because of being diagnosed with any condition, you can use that pocket to store your medical supplies. For instance, if you’ve been diagnosed with asthma and need access to an inhaler, the right hip pocket is the place to pack that item.

    Rain Jacket and Weather Gear

    The middle pocket is perfect to put on your gilet or rain jacket. When packing these items in your middle pocket, ensure to unzip them so that you can pull them out when necessary and wear them easily if you don’t want to stop when riding on the roads.

    When you fold your gilet or rain jacket properly, they will leave plenty of space in your middle pocket to enable you also to have a space to pack your mini pump or CO2 cartridge—in case you don’t have a place to attach a pump on your bike.

    Phone and Wallet

    The left hip pocket of your cycling clothing is a perfect space to pack any item that you don’t require to reach for regularly when riding your bike for a long distance. Some of the items to pack in that packet include your ID, money, credit card, phone, etc. In other words, this is the ideal place to pack your wallet, or at least key items from your wallet.

    So you now understand how to best pack different items in your cycling clothing’s pockets. But what if your bike gets damaged during your long road trip? That’s where the importance of having a saddle pack during your long road trip comes in handy. The saddle pack is an excellent place to pack replacement inner tubes, a tire lever, and other parts and accessories should your bike get damaged during your long road trip.

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