Safety Tips for Avid Cyclists

Cycling is rewarding and fulfilling, but as is the case with any sport, it is important to stay safe. Whether riding on the road or cycling on a designated trail, there are hazards that can cause you injury or harm. Much of the risks involved with these hazards is reduced simply by keeping some important safety tips in mind. Here are some things you can do to help you stay safe while riding:

Be Mindful of the Terrain

No matter what kind of ride you are on, it is important to be mindful of the terrain. Riding over a rock can result in a flat tire. Hitting a pothole can cause you to fall off your bike. Veering off the road and into sand or dirt can cause you to fall, as well. These are just a few of the hazards you could encounter while on your rides. By paying attention fully to the terrain, you can avoid most of these.

Use Your Hand Signals

Hand signals are important to know, especially if you are riding on the road. Since you are traveling with the flow of automobile traffic, cyclists and motorists alike need to know what you are doing in order to prepare their actions. For example, if a motorist is taking a right-hand turn doesn’t realize you are taking a right-hand turn, as well, you could collide with them. This is dangerous, and it could be avoided if you remember to signal.

Find the Right Helmet

You should always wear a helmet while riding. Even if it is a short ride that you suspect will be relatively easy, you should definitely wear a helmet even if you don’t think it is necessary. All it takes is one incident, which could happen at any time, to put you at risk for injury. The same is true if you are riding on the road or even on a designate trail. Also, make sure that your helmet is fit properly to your head, or else it could do more harm than good, or simply not even work. For example, a helmet that is too loose could easily pop off your head as you are falling. This defeats the purpose.

Make Sure Your Clothes Fit

This one may seem obvious to experienced cyclists, but for beginners, this might not be the case. Clothing that is too baggy could interfere with the mechanisms on the bicycle. For example, cycling in a pair of pants that are too loose could result in the fabric of the clothing getting stuck in the wheel spokes or the chain. If this happens, you could fall off the bike. To avoid this situation from occurring, make sure that you wear clothing that fits properly. You can’t go wrong with proper cycling clothes!

When it comes to riding your bicycle, it is important that you do what you can to stay safe. It is a rewarding pursuit, but safety should always be a priority.

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