Why You Need High Quality Bottom Brackets for Cycling

Why You Need High Quality Bottom Brackets for Cycling

    The bottom bracket is one of the most important parts of your bike. Its main function is that converts all the power you are generating from pedaling the bike into speed. At some point in your riding career, you’ll want to replace the bottom bracket that is currently on your bike to one that is higher performing. Your ride will be so much better! Here’s a look as to why you need high quality bottom bracket for your bike:

    Better Performance

    The goal of the bottom bracket is to reduce friction while pedaling. The better the bottom bracket, the better it will be at doing its job. This increased efficiency essentially means that when you pedal, more of this motion will convert into speed. You will be able to create higher speeds on the same amount of effort or do less work pedaling for the same speed you are comfortable. Your movements will simply be more efficient. In other words, it is the increased efficiency that allows you to experience better performance.

    Improved Longevity

    A high-quality bottom bracket is designed for longevity. Cycling typically puts a lot of stress on a bottom bracket. One that is poorly made won’t last – you’ll have to replace it – especially if you are riding in demanding conditions, like if you’re cycling off road or frequently cycle through long-distance rides. A quality bottom bracket will be built to withstand these conditions, so they therefore have a longer lifespan.

    Reduced Maintenance

    High quality bottom brackets don’t need as much maintenance as their cheaper counterparts. Cheaper bottom brackets may need frequent cleaning and lubrication to prevent performance degradation. In contrast, premium bottom brackets are engineered to stay smooth and efficient over a longer period, even in harsh conditions. This is good news for people who ride frequently. They can reduce the time they spend maintaining their bike throughout the riding season.

    More Comfortable Rides

    Simply put, a quality bottom bracket makes your rides more comfortable. It causes a smoother ride by minimizing vibrations and ensuring consistent crank rotation. This can significantly enhance ride comfort, particularly on long journeys or rough terrain.

    When the bottom bracket operates smoothly, it reduces the stress on your legs and joints, leading to a more comfortable and enjoyable riding experience. Chances are pretty good that a less expensive bottom bracket won’t give you these benefits because they won’t be well-made enough to reduce the stress of riding on your body.

    It is worth your while to consider replacing your bottom bracket with one that is a higher quality. If you ride frequently, compete in road races or triathlons, take the bike off road, or are simply looking to improve performance, the place to start is by replacing the bottom bracket. Visit this page to take a look at our bottom bracket choices.

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