• Works with BB30 frames and cranksets
  • Internal bearings only system
  • Compatible with a 30mm spindle
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The BB30 Assembly Kit was designed to work with BB30 frames and cranksets. It comes equipped with the #1 alloy bearing on the market. This means your getting a high quality bottom bracket that is sure to outlast most bikes.

If you are like most cyclist then friction loss is extremely important to you. Our alloy bearings have been proven, by friction facts, to be the #1 alloy bearing when it comes to friction loss. This means you will get a smoother more comfortable ride, resulting in better race times.

This bottom bracket is an internal, bearings only system so it fits completely within the frame shell. The bearings are compatible with a 30mm spindle.

There are 3 different bearing choices to best meet your needs:

  • Standard Bearings: Use for road bikes in dry/no salt environments.
  • Full Stainless Steel Bearings: Use for extreme distance riding (>200miles/week), BMX, MTN, Cycle cross, and other varying conditions.
  • Full Stainless Steel Bearings with CX Seals: The CX seal is for riding conditions where water, dust, and debris can get into the bearing and degrade it prematurely. Use for MTN, BMX, Cycle Cross, or other wet and dirty conditions. NOTE: This is not for timed road biking as the extra seal slightly increases wattage.

This product ships with:

  • (2) bearings
  • (2) c-clips
  • (1) wave washer
  • (2) bearing and a lds
  • (5) plastic washers
  • (1) 6.5cc sachet of Crystal Grease for a smooth installation.

Order more grease, if needed, via our website.