How to Dress for Your Fall Ride

The summer can get hot and humid and it can be difficult to enjoy a long bike ride in these weather conditions. In comes the fall season and everything changes. Cooler breezes, crisp fresh air, the changing colors of leaves and the falling to the ground, and many times wide open blue skies.

These conditions make for a wonderful ride, however, the season of fall can also throw different temperatures and moisture levels at riders. Being prepared will be key to enjoy as many bike rides as possible during this season. This article will go over some ways to help ensure more pleasure during fall season rides.

You Need Variety for Fall Riding

Being prepared is very important in the fall season. Many different weather patterns shift in the course of a day or even an hour. The day can start out fairly warm. but end on a cooler note. Make sure to be prepared for any weather circumstances that can happen during a ride. Wear clothing and carry clothing that can be added or removed to help with comfort levels.

Learn How to Create Layers

Arm warmers, a thermal undershirt, and a short leave top are a great combination because any of these items can be removed as the day heats up. Wind vests, rain covers, and other items can be carried in case of weather shifts as well. Being versatile in a wardrobe will lead to more opportunities to make oneself comfortable over the course of a daily ride.
Wear Breathable Fabrics

The type of material is very important to ensure moisture does not become trapped. A base layer is used to lift moisture from the skin and wick sweat. As a base layer, during warmer days, try wearing materials made of mesh, to allow airflow. On colder rides, wear material made from micro polyester, which also helps protect again rainfall. There is no perfect clothing for everyone. Each person will have to try different materials to find the appropriate use.

Protect Your Fingers and Toes

Keeping the head warm as well as fingers and toes is vital to enjoying a ride in the fall season. Wind hitting bare hands can make for a painful ride and suck the joy out of it. Wear thin gloves that come from wool or CoolMax as a starter to test, and as the weather shifts to colder, wear thicker more waterproof options on the hands. Feet are very similar in approach. Wear light socks that are comfortable and breathe well. When temps begin to drop wear a weather-resistant cover on the feet or overshoe type application.

There is no perfect answer for every rider that takes to the ride. Weather swings can swing by as much as 25 degrees or more in a moment’s notice and the rider must be prepared. Rain may show up along with cold winds and on the flip side, the heat might decide to arrive for a while and clothing must be removable. Whether adding on more clothing because of cold or taking off items because of heat, a rider must bring the appropriate garments to make a ride as enjoyable as possible.

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