Best Safety Accessories For Your Ride

    When out on rides, you want to be as safe as possible whether you’re heading out for an afternoon or for a day-long adventure. Accidents and breakdowns happen no matter how safe you are and you want to try to protect yourself in the event something unexpected happens. Here are some pieces of safety equipment that every rider should use:

    Properly-Fitted Helmet

    A helmet is one of the most important pieces of safety equipment a cyclist should be use. You want a helmet that is properly fitted so that in the event of an accident, it stays snug on your head. If a helmet isn’t properly fitted, it may shift around or come off altogether during an accident. A helmet should sit level on your head and low on your forehead. One to two finger widths between your eyebrows and the helmet is ideal. Wearing a helmet while cycling can greatly reduce the chances of injury or death if an accident should occur.

    Reflective Tape and Accessories

    As a cyclist, you want to be seen by others out on the road. Reflective tape should be applied to the bike itself. Bikes of all colors are difficult to see at night, but even if you don’t cycle when it’s dark, there are other situations where you need help to be seen, such as during bad weather.

    Bike reflectors are also a good idea. Typically, reflectors are attached to the front, rear, and/or wheel of a bike. A white front headlight is a good idea especially if you ride at night or during times of the year when daylight or visibility are limited.

    Reflective tape that can be applied to clothing is a smart idea. While brightly colored clothing may improve your chances of being seen, it is the reflective material that will actually catch their eye and have them take notice of you. High-visibility clothing, such as vests, are used by construction workers and crossing guards for this reason. Cyclists should not underestimate the value in reflective clothing while riding.

    Cycling Gloves

    As a cyclist, you know the sport requires skill, stamina, and strength. You want a good grip on the handlebars when riding and a pair of well-fitting cycling gloves can make all the difference. You want gloves that will protect your hands from calluses during rides and also allow you to grip for longer periods of time. If you can’t grip the handlebars properly, you won’t have the control you need over your bike, which is important for overall riding safety.

    Road Repair Tools

    When out for a ride, it’s important to be prepared for a broken chain, a flat tire, or loose bolt. You don’t want to be caught out on the road unable to fix an issue yourself. Having road repair tools with you on every ride will give you peace of mind and safety. A tool collection should include the following:

    • Bike pump. If you get a flat tire while out on the road, a bike pump will be needed to reinflate the tire once you patch it. In addition to a small hand pump, you will want to keep tire patches in your kit as well.
    • A multi-tool. A multi-tool is handy to keep in your kit as it features a number of useful tools including Allen wrenches, chain tool, flathead screwdriver, adjustable wrench, and Phillips screwdriver.
    • Lubrication supplies. Rides that take place on dirt trails or roads may cause chains to work less efficiently. To keep your bike running smoothly, keep chain lubricant and rags in your kit.

    When you’re out on the road, you never know what kind of situation you may run into and you want to be as prepared and safe as possible.

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