COVID-19 Effects on Biking Industry

Likewise in all industries worldwide, the cycling industry has experienced major changes due to COVID-19. Whether a cycling clothing manufacturer or a rider, you have been affected by regulations in effort to combat the new virus. 

Cycling shops holistically have shown more sales with people avoiding public transport and actually with sales for kids whose parents want to normalize life. Once deemed as a non-essential business, bike shops in San Francisco fought the decision and since have been declared essential there with other cities and states mimicking this clarification. Additionally, cycling companies have changed their manufacturing to medical supplies. In the case of Santini, a performance clothing manufacturer normally, they have a goal to produce 10,000 face masks per day. Similarly, Kitsbow, a mountain bike apparel company, is making protection for local first responders and medical staff. Lastly, BMZ Group who produce Li-ion batteries for e-bikes, have since had a 50% increase in inquiries for their batteries for medical equipment, specifically batteries for much demanded ventilators. 

For individual riders, stay-in-home orders and other preventative measures have hindered outdoor cycling. Park closures not considered essential facilities force riders to practice social distancing measures on other trails, perhaps more crowded with normal gym-goers with nowhere else to go. It is advised to choose off-peak hours, less dense trails, and take cues from trailhead if trails are too crowded if you decide to go outdoor cycling.

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