BBRight for 24mm


BBRight for 24mm

The BBrght Pressfit 46/24 bottom bracket is designed to be used on BBright frames such as the Cervelo R3, R5, S5. The bearings are compatible with a 24mm crankset spindle such as Shimano and FSA; but can be used with an adapter for SRAM 22/24mm cranksets (select SRAM crank below). 



The BBRight.24 bottom bracket is designed to be used on BBRight frames such as the Cervelo R3, R5, S5. The bearings are compatible with a 24mm crankset spindle such as Shimano and FSA.  They can be used on SRAM 22/24mm cranksets with an adaptor (select SRAM crank above).

There are 3 different bearing choices to best meet your needs:

  • Standard Bearings: Use for road bikes in dry/no salt environments.
  • Full Stainless Steel Bearings: Use for extreme distance riding (>200miles/week), BMX, MTN, Cycle cross, and other varying conditions.
  • Full Stainless Steel Bearings with CX Seals: The CX seal is for riding conditions where water, dust, and debris can get into the bearing and degrade it prematurely. Use for MTN, BMX, Cycle Cross, or other wet and dirty conditions. NOTE: This is not for timed road biking as the extra seal slightly increases wattage.

NOTE: If you have a BBRightTM frame and want to use a 30mm crankset, you will need our PF30 bottom bracket which has the same dimensions as the BBRight 46/30. The PF30 can come with a middle tube (Di2) that is 52mm to be used with a BBRight frame and 30mm electronic shifters. The tube ensures the cables do not rub on the crank spindle.

NOTE: For 22/24mm SRAM/Truvativ cranks you will need to select the SRAM option in the crank menu.

NOTE: For BMX cranks that use a 19mm spindle, road cranks with a 19mm spindle, and the FSA omega you will need our 19mm bushing kit which is sold separately. 

Additional information

Weight.25 lbs
Dimensions2 × 2 × 2 in
Crank Set


Bearing & Seal

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Hawk RacingTM bottom brackets have been designed with the pro cyclist in mind. Replace your standard bottom bracket with a new generation bottom bracket that is 10% lighter than ceramic and takes up to 80% less energy than the next most efficient bottom bracket on the market.

Our bottom brackets use exclusively Folmer TechnologyTM bearings (patent pending) which have changed the perception of ceramic bearings by being ultra light weight, durable, and affordable. Our bearings help you make each performance your best and will last without needing frequent service intervals.

These specially designed bearings utilize a high-grade lubrication which is typically used in a slightly different form in the aerospace industry as well as a lighter seal than ceramic bearings. These features help get you to terminal velocity more quickly and easily.

Hawk Racing bearings have been used by Kendra Pro Cycling and Wonderful Pistachio Pro Cycling Teams here in the USA.

The BBrightTM is a new bottom bracket dimensional standard and Hawk Racing has released the BBright Pressfit 46/24 bottom bracket to fit frames such as the Cervelo R3, R5, or S5. Our award winning bearings have been pressed into AL6061 cups allowing the use of 24mm cranksets on the BBright frame. This product is proudly made in the USA!

Technical Specs

Weight:87g for all parts
Compatibility: FrameBBRight frames, Shell Width: 79mm (road only), Shell ID: 46mm
Compatibility: Crankset24mm spindle cranksets, 22/24mm spindle cranksets with SRAM adapter
Service Interval:Bearings are Lifetime Maintenance Free
Warranty:1 year manufacturer
Bearings:Folmer Technology bearings, ISO and ABEC-3 certified – Made in Japan – Non-ceramic
Energy Consumption:0.32 watts
BB Threads:No Threads
Ships With:(1) ‘DS’ cup with bearing, (1) ‘NDS’ cup with bearing, (1) 0.5mm washer
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