Jace Antiporda: Hawk Racing Sponsored Rider Interview

So we had some time to sit down with another one of our sponsored riders to bring you another sponsored rider interview.

Jace Antiporda is actually our youngest sponsored rider, at 9 years old. Jace races BMX out in California, and is improving everyday. We’ve loved seeing his growth and progress during his time with us so far.

We hope that he continues down the road he’s on, he could be the next top level pro if he does. Make sure you give him a follow, @jaceracing, and show him support!!

The Jace Antiporda Interview

Who are your Sponsors?
Kid Dynamite NorCal and HawkRacing

Do you remember your first bike?

How old were you and what was it?
I was 7 years old and it was a Mini Micro Redline.

What does your inner voice tell you when the ride gets tough?
It tells me to push it and get in front of the pack when the gate drops.

If someone was your age and wanted to start riding, what advice would you give?
I would say to just go out, try it and have fun!

Do you have an ultimate bike goal?
Yes. I want to be in the Olympics and race in BMX.

Best bike memory so far?
Racing my hardest at Spreckels BMX track in Manteca, CA. It was for State Qualifying Race and I gave it my all and got first place til my legs gave out at the finish line.

What is your favourite place to ride?
I like to ride at Santa Clara PAL BMX, which is also my Home track.

Which riders proved inspirational in your early days or now?
Trent Jones, Connor Fields, Anthony Bucardo, Sienna Fines, Jeff Aana and Pat Coo

Where do you see your bike taking you to this coming year?
Hopefully to stay in the top 10 9 year old expert ranks.

What is riding about to you?
Riding is special and different to me. It’s a unique extreme sport that not a lot of people do. I like riding with my team, going to different tracks and having fun!

What is your favorite thing about Hawk Racing Components?
HawkRacing has strong and reliable components. My favorite part is their bottom bracket that spins forever on my bike!

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