Cycling Tips for Beginners

Are you interested in taking up cycling as a hobby? It isn’t a simple matter of selecting a bicycle and hitting the road. There are some things you need to keep in mind as you embark on your new hobby. Cycling offers a great way to explore nature and exercise, but you need to know some basic rules before you get involved fully in the exercise. Master the tips outlined below and cycle like the pro you’re without neglecting your safety and comfort.

Choose the Right Helmet

The right helmet is not just a recipe for a comfortable ride but also a protective guard. High-quality helmets with superior ventilation allow for smooth wind flow while minimizing the heavy impact winds can have on your health. Moreover, some helmets have sun-shielding visor, which protects you against the effects of the scorching sun as you ride through trails and high-traffic roads.

Helmets are known to prevent and minimize head injuries in the event of accidents. The right helmet for you fits snugly and sits levelheadedly on your head. Besides, the Highway Code requires that every cyclist should wear a well-fitting and safe helmet. It’s legally required you wear a helmet in some states, so ensure you check your state’s traffic rules to know the features and design of a good cycling helmet.

Learn to Use Your Bike Properly

The safety and comfort of your cycling experience are directly proportional to your skill level. To immerse yourself in the cycling art and get to enjoy every moment, try keeping your pace not above 90 rpm and not below 70 rpm. Pedaling in high gear mostly strains your knees, and you’re likely to get tired before reaching your destination. Therefore, when you’re cycling up hilly topography, change the gear to one that will enable you to keep riding at the most comfortable speed without overstressing your knees in the process. You’ve to keep adjusting your position as you ride. Additionally, keep moving the hands along the bars and rear end over the saddle to avoid numbness.

Make Sure Your Bike is Adjusted Properly

You want to make sure that your bike is set for a successful ride. Many people don’t have their bike adjusted properly and may not even know it. Get saddles that aren’t too thick or too thin. Look for a longer bike seat with a cutout, as that adds to its overall comfort. Remember to adjust the bike’s hand bar position such that it leans 5mm forward or backward or upwards/downwards. Setting the handlebars very low or the seat very high may cause discomfort and upper or lower back pain. After you have set the bicycle, don’t forget to test your seat comfort and handlebars.

Know the Rules of the Road

Every state has its cycling laws, but most safety rules are the same. First, you should never over speed in a high traffic route. You should ride in the direction of the traffic flow, never ride in the sidewalks, and always ensure you’re obeying traffic signals. Likewise, observe and keep every hand signal besides following all state laws regarding helmet use and safe riding.

Whether riding for fun or using it as a workout tool, cycling should follow traffic laws. You’ve to be keen not to break any traffic rules, alongside keeping your safety and comfort in the watch.

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