Folmer Technology

All Hawk Racing bottom brackets use the same award winning Folmer Technology Bearings and are assembled in-house in sunny Florida to guarantee the highest quality control. Folmer Technology bearings are made in Japan using the finest grade aerospace materials, craftsmanship and a specially designed lubrication. This industry leading technology is achieved without using ceramic. 

The final result is a bottom bracket that spins freely, feels smooth, and ultimately decreases the resistance that may be holding you back with other bottom brackets. Best of all, there is no need for frequent service intervals. 

It's no surprise that we have been featured in the Triathlon Magazine Buyers guide, have won innovation awards, and have countless happy athletes using our products. Hawk Racing has proven that it is simply not necessary to spend excessive amounts of money on ceramic bearings. 

Made in the USA

Indicates this product is Made in the USA. Products without this marking are hand assembled in the USA to ensure maximum quality.

Frequently asked questions

What bottom bracket does my bike use?

You may contact us to help figure this out, or you may use our Find a Dealer feature to find an Authorized Hawk Racing Dealer in your area so they can assist you in picking the right bottom bracket for your bike.

Standard Bearings verses Full Stainless Steel

Our Standard Bearings will be a perfect match for most customers riding Hawk Racing products. However, we encourage customers to upgrade to our Full Stainless Steel option under these conditions:
  • You ride frequently in wet conditions
  • You have a history of going through bottom brackets quicker than most
  • You're installing on a mountain bike
  • You don't clean your bike often as you should, allowing water/dirt to accumulate